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“I feel privileged to be able to say that I have been a part of Jarrod Evans training squads since its beginning in 1996.  In that time, the progression of the team thanks to Jarrod’s guidance and hard work is nothing short of AMAZING.  His training programs are second to none and you just cant argue with results.  The highlights for me have been the perfect mix of “fun” and “hard work” I can always trust will provide the desired result every-time.  I thank Jarrod for all the time he has spent helping me over the years, my Triathlon “YODA” …His constant drive to improve himself as an Athlete, Coach and Person inspires me to do the same. I look forward to the coming years and the step up to Ironman racing.

Ross Young

70.3 Age Group Champion

Hawaiian Ironman Athlete

 “I initially contacted Jarrod on the recommendation of a good mate Ian Roduner who was also coached by correspondence by Jarrod.  I initially discussed my goal with Jarrod, which was to qualify for Ironman World Championship Kona (which I am sure he hears quite a bit). Jarrod slotted me into his correspondence program after a spot become available.  From the outset Jarrod was upfront with his requirements of me. His training programs/systems are detailed, structured and his communication and feedback is almost instant either via phone or email. He has great belief in the athlete’s ability and instils a strong work ethic along with persistence & consistency. I raced Ironman UK, won my age group in 35-39, finished 13th overall and had personnel bests in all 3 disciplines and qualified for Ironman World Champion Kona so I need to say no more…….I would like to thank Jarrod for everything he has done for me and would recommend him to any level of athlete because you will still get the same level of planning, dedication & commitment. Thanks again mate.”

Pete Breadsell

Ironman UK Age Group Champion

Ironman Cairns Age Group Champion

Hawaiian Ironman Triathlete

“I started training with Jarrod after 9 years of competing in ironman and long distance triathlons. The reason I asked Jarrod to coach me was that I wanted to raise my training and racing to a new level. In the relatively short time that Jarrod has been my coach, he has impressed me with his knowledge base, expertise and his highly individualised approach to training and racing. He is approachable, unflappable and generous with his time and attention. He has a genuine interest in continuous education of both himself and the athletes he coaches in the elements of triathlon and that shows in the results he achieves. I have achieved two personal bests at successive ironman races since starting with Jarrod, the most significant being at Ironman Asia Pacific (Melbourne) where I raced successfully to an age group win and PB time. I look forward to my remaining time under his tutelage and following his career in the future.”

Mary Mitchell

Multiple Ironman Age Group Winner

Hawaiian Ironman athlete

"I found Coach Jarrod after a year of struggling with injuries and subpar coaching, and I could not be happier. Jarrod is professional, knowledgable, and undoubtedly invested in each of his athletes and helping them achieve their best. He provides excellent communication and guidance, and is very accessible. You will get nothing short of the highest caliber coaching from Coach Jarrod."

Christine Warren

Multiple Age Champion & Brand Ambassador

“I was lucky enough to gain Jarrod’s services due to an unfortunate situation with my previous coaching arrangement. This alone I’m personally very grateful for as with only 12 weeks till Hawaii I really thought I may be winging this prep myself.  Within days of our first chat he had developed a programme that met all my needs.  Specifically a programme that was built around my 55-60hrs of work a week/ family commitments and most importantly a programme that hopefully got me to the start line in one piece (I have a long history of breaking down).  Fast forward 12 weeks and I had not only toed the start line 100% fit , but also set a PB time for Hawaii in what was considered a pretty tough year and a new PB run time in any Ironman races I had completed. The whole experience was a pleasure including meeting the great crew also competing under his banner in Hawaii. I look forward to training with Jarrod and the team for years to come.”

Matt Rae

Hawaiian Ironman Athlete

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jarrod for over a year now, and it has been such a wonderful experience. My life has had many unique things to navigate and work around, and Jarrod has been so wonderful at creating a training program to help me advance towards my goals while working within the craziness my life has continued to throw. I cannot imagine being coached by anyone else. I cannot say enough about Jarrod and Triathlon Gold, I feel so thankful and honored to work with such an amazing and talented coach.”

Cherissa Kell

Age Group Triathlete

“The results, having worked with Jarrod for the past year, are significant and I look forward to continued improvement. I have always worked hard, but now I work hard AND smart. I feel competitive in my age group at a world level in four distances. I look forward to turning one or more of those into gold next year. I am 68 and getting better.”

Lonnie Le Pore

USA Triathlon – Age Group Champion

“Triathlon Gold is a great community. Jarrod has done an amazing job nurturing his athletes through this crazy COVID season. He has been balanced and calm and given a sense of purpose for training despite no races.  He REALLY knows his science and psychology as a coach. My own past as a pro athlete allows me to offer an informed opinion. I am super delighted that he is looking after our daughter Gabby Martin - and will see her reach her dreams.

One of the best coaches I have even come across!”

Gus Martin

Nationally Ranked ITU Junior Triathlete

“Jarrod is an excellent triathlon coach. He is professional, dedicated, and 100% committed to his athletes. I received personal, remote coaching and Jarrod was able to work the training around my job and other commitments. He is very accommodating and understanding of every concern. His training is progressive and science-based, and I very quickly improved my non-existent bike skills. His strength and conditioning program during the lockdown made the transition back into the water easy. His knowledge and experience as a high-performance coach are hard to match. I recommend Jarrod for beginners and elites alike, but especially for runners transitioning to triathlon.”

Natalie Tanner

USA Triathlon Elite Development Athlete

“Around three months ago, I started working with Jarrod. Since then, I have seen a considerable increase in my performance and have gained a deeper understanding of the sport of triathlon. His attention to detail in each sport is amazing. In these last three months, we have really focused on form throughout each discipline. Jarrod gives you a detailed and effective plan on how to get from where you are to where you need to be to achieve your goals. What stands out is his ability to communicate. He can make you truly comprehend what he is trying to get across so you can apply it to your training and racing. Jarrod has been one of the most influential coaches I have had throughout my athletic career. I would highly recommend Jarrod to anyone looking to reach their goals in the sport of triathlon. I have learned so much from Jarrod in such a short amount of time. I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Eric Lauricella

USA Triathlon Elite Development Athlete

“Working with Jarrod as my triathlon coach has been a great experience. I have improved so much in every aspect!  His knowledge to the sport of triathlon has helped me tremendously. 

We communicate every day via TP, reviews my workouts and gives me feedback. 

He’s always available for me and modifies my workouts as needed!  Very professional in every way! Love working with him!”

Nicholas Lombardo

AG Athlete – Aiken, SC

“I am new to triathlon and after committing to my first race, I researched a variety of coaches. I discovered volumes of competent and probably great coaches.  But they all seemed more eager to work with me than I was with them. I was simply seeking more. 

I wanted to find a coach that required a partnership, that was as selective about the athletes they worked with as I was in selecting my coach. That meant someone who was highly detail-oriented, professional, credentialed, and elite.

Right from the start, Jarrod made it clear that working with him was a commitment and was not for everyone. Which was exactly what I was looking for.  We've been working together for a few months. I have friends working alongside other non-elite programs. And there's a distinct difference. 

There is detail, reasoning, patterns, and results in Jarrod's work that only comes about through complete devotion to one's profession. But equally important, and often overlooked, in coach selection is character. And aside from the technical aspects, Jarrod's just a good person. He operates with honesty, integrity, and care. His moral compass points true north. 

If you are dedicated, coachable, and settle for nothing but the best, this is your place. There's Jarrod and there is everyone else.”

Jeff Mace

AG Athlete – Louisville, MI

“I started working with Jarrod 4months ago and he’s been a wonderful coach! Coming from a running background and new to this sport, he’s helped me tremendously in all three disciplines. He communicates and gives me feedback daily and helps me optimize my training. He tells you when you have to dig a little deeper, but also tells you when you have to take a step back in order to make a jump forward.”

Minori Minagawa

70.3 Age Group Champion + Overall Age Group 70.3 Champion

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